Hi! This is an experiment in [learning in public](https://www.swyx.io/learn-in-public). I'm writing these notes primarily for myself, so they might not be accessible or relevant to you. Still, my hope is that you'll find something here that sparks your curiosity. Right now, the main focus of my learning is on [[The AI Revolution and the Tapestry of Tomorrow (Index)|advances in artificial intelligence]]. I want to get a better sense of what's coming and what to do about it. This has, at least for now, taken priority over my desire to understand [[Learning (Index)|how people learn]] and how one can help others learn more effectively. On this topic, I previously wrote: >This interest grows out of my work as a [coach](https://danielkestenholz.com/coaching/), which to me is ultimately about supporting others on their learning journey. However, I try to protect my own enjoyment while learning about these topics, which often looks like following my curiosity no matter whether the material will be applicable in practice. Indeed, my broader aim is to practice the [virtue of scholarship](https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/64FdKLwmea8MCLWkE/the-neglected-virtue-of-scholarship), however amateurishly. Another topic that comes up regularly in these notes is [[Management (Index)|management]]. This site will probably change a lot while I figure out how to use it. I apologize if the experience on your end leaves much to be desired in the meantime. You can contact me [here](https://danielkestenholz.com/contact/) if you have any suggestions or questions, or simply want to connect. %% ### Todo: - [ ] Desired user experience: - [ ] Help them gain an understanding of who I am, including what I'm interested in and good at. - [ ] Help them quickly navigate to the topic or subtopic that's most interesting to them. - [ ] Make it easy to give feedback to me. - [ ] Give an overview of what's in these notes. - [ ] Add a list of "topics" that correspond to the index notes – maybe do this once I have a few more index notes ready - [ ] Describe the different kinds of notes: literature, permanent, index - [ ] Add a section (or link to a separate note) that says what I'm currently thinking about – like Andy's "[What's top of mind](https://notes.andymatuschak.org/About_these_notes?stackedNotes=zUw5PuD8op9oq8kHvni6sug6eRTNtR9Wqma)" note - [ ] Probably don't do this for now. The link to the learning index note is enough. - [ ] Caveat the state of the notes more - [ ] I'm doing this in my spare time - [ ] Everything is work-in-progress - [x] Maybe offer a way for people to contact me if anything resonates or they have a comment or question %%