# Hi there! My name is [Dirk](http://dirk.songuer.de) and this is my notebook. It contains my personal views on mainly technology and the way it impacts society and environments. This includes topics like [[Innovation]], [[Futures Exploration]], [[Strategic Foresight]] as well as anthropology and game design. In case you got this archive in file form, here is a link to the online version: https://publish.obsidian.md/dirksonguer ## How to navigate Chose a topic on the left to jump directly to a specific page. While reading, links without the "external link" sign ([>]([Dirk Songuer](http://dirk.songuer.de/))) will lead you to another topic in this notebook. You can use the content graph on the right to see linked topics. I use some topics as "entry points". Think of them like category clusters around my main interests and they will have lots of links to dive deeper: * [[Innovation]] * [[Futures Studies]] * [[Relationship Design]] * [[Ambient Computing]] * [[Metaverse]] ## Why do I share this? A while ago I was part of an interdisciplinary futures studies workshop and our group was asked to define seemingly simple terms like [[Trend]], [[Future Signal]], [[Acceleration]]. I already knew that they were used differently depending on field and background, but I was surprised how big the differences actually were — even within our group of six people. Having diverse backgrounds, our group engaged in long discussions, trying to understand each others viewpoints and how we use the terms and apply the concepts they represent. So as an attempt to broaden the discussion, I thought I might share my own notebook with definitions and how I apply them in my daily work. However note that this is still my personal notebook, so it doesn't contain any material of past and present employers, nor does it reflect their opinions. If you have feedback or a different interpretation, drop me a note at [@DirkSonguer](https://twitter.com/DirkSonguer). I’d be grateful to hear from you! ## Some things to keep in mind * This is not Wikipedia - it does not try to be a complete encyclopedia, **nor does it try to be objective or true**. Everything in here is highly subjective from my own, personal point of view. * Especially since I don't describe what a thing is, but what I understand it to be, where I came across it, how it fits into my world view and more importantly how I (might) personally use it. These are not essays about things, it's a notebook. * There will be mistakes, from typos to things that I understood and described wrong. This notebook is mostly quick note-taking with the occasional condensation pass. * Things might be obscure and confusing as I might reference insider knowledge or my own personal short-hand. Ultimately, these notes are for me. If you want polished articles, try my [Medium articles](https://medium.com/@dirksonguer). * Where ever you see the #TODO tag, there are things missing that I haven't finished writing, thinking through or simply didn't copy over from my other notebooks. * For any feedback, [please ping me](https://twitter.com/DirkSonguer).