These are my notes, NOT articles. # Learning [[Creativity]] [[early specialisation]] [[Educators]] [[Expertise]] [[feedback]] [[Feynman Technique]] [[Flashcard Practice]] [[goals]] [[Intrapersonal skills]] [[Learning]] [[Learning styles are a myth]] [[motivation]] [[Performance]] [[Personal development]] [[Studying]] [[Stages of learning]] [[Whiplash sport film]] ## Education [[Higher Education]] [[Academia is over rated]] [[American Education System]] [[Alternative Education]] [[BASB for school]] [[Content creation]] [[Coaching coaches]] [[Higher Education]] [[Multimedia education]] [[OECD]] [[Online education scams]] [[PISA]] [[RAE mistakes bias]] [[Testing in Schools]] [[Third wave experiment]] [[YouTube Education]] ## UK Education [[BSL]] [[Childcare crisis]] [[DfE]] [[EYFS]] [[FHEQ]] [[Home schooling]] [[Ofsted]] [[SAT]] [[QAA]] [[RQF]] [[UCAS tariff points]] [[UK Educational system]]: It's really 4 separate systems. # Psychology [[I don't understand ADHD]] [[Behaviour]] [[cognitive bias]] [[Communities]] [[consciousness]] [[Meta-ignorance]] [[Olympic blues]] [[problem solving]] [[Psychology]] [[Reasoning]] [[The ADHD disorder]] ## Cognitive psychology [[Attention and performance]] [[Approaches to human cognition]] [[Bayeian rule]] [[Cognitive load theory]] [[Cognitive science isn't right]] [[Cognition]] [[free energy principle]] [[Intelligence]] [[Judgement and decision-making]] [[Memory]] [[Motion perception and action]] [[Neuroscience]] [[Object and face recognition]] [[our nervous system]] [[Processes in visual perception]] [[Perception and attention]] ## Ecological psychology [[Dynamical systems theory]] [[Ecological psychology]] # Health [[Biology]] [[cool down]] [[Emotions]] [[energy management]] [[fatigue]] [[Gamification to athelete recovery]] [[Healthy living]] [[hearing]] [[Interoception]] [[meditation for relaxation]] [[Nutrition]] [[Physical development]] [[Physical health]] [[Proprioception]] [[sleep]] [[social media detox]] [[supplementation]] ## Productivity [[Artificial intelligence technology]] [[habit building]] [[Productivity]] [[the work]] [[Information overload is a myth]] [[minimalism]] [[Journalling]] # Philosophy [[Philosophy]] [[4 E's of Cognition]] [[What is knowledge]] # World [[climate change]] [[coding]] [[Economics]] [[Language]] [[mathematics]] [[Parenting]] [[physics]] [[statistics]] [[Driving tests]] - Technology should change Licensing. [[The collapse of Study YouTube]] [[OneCoin ponzi scheme]]