Hi there 👋 This a collection of random notes, lists, bookmarks, and thoughts that I have made public. **The main audience for these notes is myself,** but it contains information that I thought others may find valuable or interesting. Additionally - sometimes I want to share a note with a person - if that note is public I can just send them a link. No need to add them as a collaborator in a notes app. Please note that this is being published using [[Obsidian]] [Publish](https://obsidian.md/publish), but because I only publish a subset of my vault, some pages may contain "dead" links to unpublished pages. Nothing I can do about that right now. I also use `#tags` and `properties` pretty extensively, and those are not published either. These thoughts cover everything from technology ([[Apple]], [[Markdown]], etc) to [[Gaming]] to Cooking ([[Handmade Pasta]]). My [main website][chambers.io] houses my blog, long form writing, and more curated content. These notes and the content on my [website][chambers.io] combine to make up my own [[Digital Garden]]. 🌱 <!-- refs --> [chambers.io]: https://chambers.io