> [!tip]+ The Time Has Come! > We have *finally* updated our primary Linux machine. Follow the progress [[Linux Mint 21.1 - Honeymoon Installation|here]]. # Hello, World ![[_b9fc7ecd-2d90-49dc-992c-a55b1295b292.jpeg|450]] The **CPB** is my primary Obsidian vault, which acts as a [[commonplace book]]. The goal is to share a vast majority of it, but my first 18 months with Obsidian was pretty sloppy and the idea of opening the vault up to the eyes of others was nothing in my realm of considerations. Also **Obsidian Publish** didn't exist at the time. As I incrementally share entire directories of **CPB** to this publish URL, I'm being mindful to scrub away any hyper-sensitive personal data. If you happen to see something I have missed, and are kind enough to not use the information in a malicious manner, please give me a [[contact|heads up]]. Thank you for finding yourself here. It is all a big mess right now but things will eventually get better. ![[Reticulating splines.gif]] *Tuesday, April 25, 2023 20:29* This has been brought to you by [oldtowneast](https://oldtowneast.omg.lol).