Hello, and welcome to Copilots for Linguists: a hub for collaboration in experimenting with AI-based chatty Large Language Models when applied to language analysis tasks.  The idea for using AI LLM chatbots as assistants to the trained linguist is outlined in [Copilots for Linguists: AI, Constructions and Frames](https://www.cambridge.org/core/elements/abs/copilots-for-linguists/05A7C66C5912ED555786DD1A25C6442E), a book by [Tiago Timponi Torrent](https://www.tiagotorrent.com/), [Thomas Hoffmann](https://www.ku.de/en/slf/anglistik-amerikanistik/lehrstuehle-professuren/chair-of-english-language-and-linguistics/team/prof-dr-thomas-hoffmann), [Arthur Lorenzi Almeida](https://github.com/arthurlorenzi) and [Mark Turner](http://markturner.org), published in the Cambridge Element Series on Construction Grammar. The book reframes the discussion from what AI LLM chatbots can do with language to what they can do for linguists. In the book, we design and discuss experiments where AI LLM chatbots are prompted to produce analyses for constructions and frames in both English and Brazilian Portuguese. Some of them can be found under [[Sample Analyses]].  We also share here the [[Prompt Engineering]] techniques we developed while running the experiments, so that you can also prompt the AI LLM chatbot of your preference. Feel free to [[🗳️ Contribute Your Own Prompts]] as well and to [[🚃 Join the Convo]], as we advance this research program in using AI to help linguists. Before you continue, we invite you to pay attention to these [[🥽 Safety Instructions]], even if you are a frequent user of LLMs. You can also browse through our [[Video Selection]] while you sit back and enjoy this website.