This Vault / Book contains information on cheerleading and is my first attempt at writing something more specific about cheerleading. It's designed to be as low friction as possible for me to write. My brain does not always work in the straight lines, and sometimes the paths may be unconnected. As such, I will be writing this book as areas become important to me and I'll keep writing until I feel like it is relevant. ### Bio I'm Zack. I started cheerleading in 1996 at Harriton High School, in Lower Merion, PA. I cheered through high school, college and had an All Star career as well. I'm not the best cheerleader, far from it. I've studied and these are my thoughts and lessons. Many of the lessons are things that my many wonderful teachers taught me. I want to give a shout out to Kelvin Lam who taught me the foundations of the technique I now teach. Thanks! ## TOC - [[01 - History]] - History of Cheerleading - [[02 - Cheering]] - The Basics of Cheers - 02 - Spotting / Safety - [[06 - 01 - Timber]] - [[06 - 00 Stunting]] - [[06 - 1 Slingshot Method]]