> [!note] From Jack > One of my favorite parts of aviation is the community it brings together. This project is meant to allow others in the community to bring together ideas, resources, and learnings. > > I'll also use it to teach students and hope that students will contribute their own insights as they learn. > > My hope is you find this CFI commonplace book a useful starting point for your own work, and that you feel welcome to contribute your own learnings back. ## Are You A... ### Student Interested in a Syllabus - Private Pilot: [[~ PPL Lesson Plan Outline]] - Commercial Pilot: [[~ CPL Lesson Plan Outline]] - Instrument Rating: [[~ IR Lesson Plan Outline]] ### Instructor Interested in Resources - [[+ Sources]] and [[CFI Checkride Table of Contents]] - A [[All Maneuvers Quick Reference|quick reference guide to all maneuvers]] - A [[Aircraft Gait Charts|variety of gait charts]] (pitch+power+config) for commonly used airplanes ### Aviation Fan Interested in Growing Your Knowledge - [[+ Concepts]] - Check out the Obsidian Graph View ### Anyone Else Looking to Contribute - Checkout the [[README]] to get started - There's always something interesting to tackle in [[Todo]] - Thank you!