This site is old! Please go [here]( Hi! I'm a Master's student in Computer Science at Stanford, focusing on applications of AI to audio and music. I'm excited about using differentiable digital signal processing, neural audio effects, and physics-based sound synthesis to power new creative tools for artists. Previously, I was an undergraduate at Stanford in the Physics and Philosophy departments, where I spent most of my time studying how large systems of neural networks collectively perform computations that underlie behavior. I spent two summers in the <a href="">Computation in Distributed Recurrent Systems (Druckmann) Lab</a> and part of a gap year in the <a href="">Neural Dynamics and Computation Lab</a>. This site an (evolving, in progress) unified repository of my work. For now, you can find links to [[Posters and Publications]], [[Projects]], and mischillaneous technical notes I maintain for reference. Please get in touch at npbecker [at] stanford [dot] edu ! [![[github.svg | 25]]]( [![[lastdotfm.svg | 25]]](