# Welcome to the Public Archive ![[ColorHorizontal.png]] *** Hello there and welcome to my Public note site! This site aggregates all of the notes I've released for free for everyone to view and follow alongside my videos on [Youtube](https://youtube.com/Brozime) I do have another notes site which is accessible only to [Patrons](https://Patreon.com/Brozime) and [Twitch Subscribers](https://Twitch.tv/Brozime) and if you'd like to get the link and password for everything I'm currently working on you can find that in my [Discord](https://discord.gg/brozime) Things are mostly self explanatory here. For example you can find all of my most recent builds videos for all Warframes in the Warframe Builds folder you can see on the left with Warframe Reworks and other content being similarly organized. These folders are also searchable via the search bar in the top left to help you find what you're looking for along with a toggle for Light/Dark mode.