These are the notes I am writing as a student on the [MA in Writing Poetry]( programme, delivered by the [Poetry School]( association with the [University of Newcastle]( The purpose of sharing them here is allow the members of the various writing groups I belong to access them. Not everything I have written for the MA will appear here, but I'm posting as much as I think would be useful to an independent reader. The reason I mention that not all the course notes are here is that you may find the odd dead link, or a numbering scheme which seems incomplete. ## Digital Garden This site is a form of [Digital Garden]( It is a place for thinking out loud in public. Maggie Appleton's primer [A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden]( is recommended reading. Although **Better Creativity** currently contains the notes I'm making about what I'm learning from reading the set texts on the MA Programme, it is also part of a wider investigation into the intersection between creativity and good organisation. You can read more about this here on my personal website: [the Better Creativity Website]( ## How to use the site 1. You're reading this, so that's a good place to start. 2. The left hand side bar is a navigation tool. The sidebar contains folders marked by a triangle. Click on the triangle to reveal the files. 3. As a basic rule, any text which is underlined means there is a link to another note with that title. You can click on the link to take you there.. 4. The **+Home** note provides an overview of what the site contains. 5. On the sidebar, each folder can be unfolded by clicking the triangle. When unfolded, the items contained under the heading are listed in alphabetical order. You can then click through onto any item in the sidebar. 6. The **Readwise** folder contains snippets I've saved while reading Kindle and Apple Books, as well as articles and interesting tweets. 7. The **Spaces** folder contains two sub-folders, **Adam Poetry**, **Reference** and **Study**. 8. **Adam Poetry** is largely a private folder on my computer which isn't shared here. I have however shared two sub-folders: **Fav Poems** and **Techniques**, which is a list of poetic techniques I am actively thinking about now. 9. **Reference** contains any reference notes (how to do things etc). 10. **Study** is a folder on my computer with MA Programme materials: notes from seminars, reading materials, workshop notes and so on. I have shared just three folders here. **Critical Thinking** are my notes on this topic. **Feedback Guide** are notes and materials about providing good feedback to other people. **Markdown PDF** contains articles or handouts from the Programme I thought were particularly interesting. 11. The **Universe** folder contains the book notes I've made, in alphabetical order. There are a lot of notes, so to help you can search for notes marked '**MOC**.' MOC stands for Maps of Content, which are like an index. So for example, [[Favourite Poems MOC]] shows a list of some of my favourite poems. 12. The **Interactive Graph** on the right hand side is another way to navigate and also to visualise the connections between notes. 13. At the bottom are two Navigation Notes. The first is this one **Start Here** and the second is an overview of the content of this site (**+Home**). ## The philosophy behind the notes I've written these notes in a free app called [Obsidian]( You can use the version entirely free of cost, but if you want to share your notes as I have done here, you will need to pay. The philosophy of my note taking has been influenced by [Andy Matuschak]( and his [Evergreen Notes]( which are his take on [Zettelkasten](, a note-making rather than note-taking approach. Notes taking this way need to able to link to each other, and that is one of the things Obsidian excels at. My note-making practice however is in it's infancy. ## Disclaimer and 'rules' I wrote these notes for me. I belong to a small number of writing groups and I've decided to share the notes in case they are useful to someone in one of the these groups. Remember though, they may or not make sense to you based as they are on my reading and interpretation of books, articles and other sources. I do not propose in any way to suggest that your reading of the original texts is a redundancy. Far from it. ### Terms of service Please take a moment to visit these [Terms of Service](, which explain the nature of a Digital Garden and the behaviours one should expect by the owner of the site and its visitors. If you have comments to make or suggestions about how this site could be improved, please email me at [email protected]