This wiki is intended to be used as a tool to visualize the breadth and complexity of the possibilities inherent in the activity of making sculpture. I have segmented the act of making sculpture into six categories: Actions, Contexts, Materials, Modality, Processes, and Strategies. These categories provide a wide-ranging group of terms that provide a starting point for the investigation of sculpture. Sculptures are: Manipulated by- [[>Actions]] Concerned with- [[>Contexts]] Made with- [[>Materials]] Realized by- [[>Modality]] Constructed by- [[>Processes]] Organized with- [[>Strategies]] Following an interest in work that relates to specific circumstances like social relationships or body politics or science, one might start with the [[>Contexts]] category. If a maker has an affinity for specific [[>Materials]] or [[>Processes]], either of those categories can be a starting point. Or you can start with the list of [[>Artists]] and browse!