# Welcome! 🌱 Hey this Arend, and this my digital garden. A digital garden is a place for my notes to grow as I continue to learn about music and audio, and it's also a place where visitors can wander about and read them. ## How to navigate I recommend starting at one of the following topics. You may also use the search and sidebar. - [[21 Songwriting 🎼]] - [[22 Music Tech 🔈]] - [[23 Musicianship 🎻]] - [[24 Creativity 💡]] These notes are organized via the [Johnny Decimal system](https://johnnydecimal.com), with the 20s being my shareable notes. I write, organize, and publish these notes with [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md). If you find some broken links here or there, it's likely because the broken link goes to a personal note. If you find some broken code here or there, it's because Obsidian Publish doesn't have support for all the plugins available in the base app.