# Natural beauty is imperfect I had an insight about beauty while meditating on [[2021-10-16]], watching the candle. The flame dances but never does the same step twice. Plants grow in observable patterns but are never perfect. When making something beautiful, the imperfections in it are part of its beauty. [[Admit that it's not going to be perfect]]. [[Progress, not perfection]]. [[Perfection is a pitfall]]. Conan O'Brien says, "It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique."[^1] ![[Longing becomes ... a kind of tenderness for imperfection]] This reminds me of [[Wabi-sabi]]. ![[Art is not about a best self]] ![[Music is more fun when things are a little inexact]] [^1]: [[Steal Like an Artist]] pg. 38-41