Thank you for choosing AMIS PRO, your professional editor for Additive Manufacturing Jetting systems. We hope this manual serves as a valuable resource as you explore the advanced capabilities of AMIS PRO #version 1.0.6. For any assistance or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated #Support team. Happy 3D-printing! **This document is valid for *AMIS Pro #version 1.0.6 only.** [[Manual/AMIS Pro|AMIS Pro]] is the professional editor for jetting-based Additive Manufacturing systems. The workflow-based software allows for end-to-end Build Preparation for [[Binder Jetting]] and [[Material jetting]] systems. AMIS Pro is developed by [[Manual/AMIS|AMIS]], the dedicated AM-department of [[Manual/HYBRID Software|HYBRID Software]]. AMIS Pro has been designed to follow a typical AM-workflow; a typical user would follow the following process steps: - Adding (multiple) parts into a [[Batch]] (the printers' [[Print box]]); - while adding the part(s), check for errors in the file(s) and correct the errors if possible; - optimizing the parts' positioning (for 3D-printing); - Apply binder-, material-, and part-optimization algorithms; - Optimally nest the parts into the [[Print box]]; - (preview) Slicing of the build box; - Send the build box instructions to the printer (i.e. slice the parts, 3D-RIP the parts, etc). #### 1.1 Purpose of AMIS Pro Overall, the goal of the software is to contribute to a lower cost-per-part, while increasing printer output and guaranteeing consistent, high print and part quality. This is achieved through: - workflow-based, fast and accurate Build Preparation, including nesting and slicing; - a user-oriented, intuitive interface; and - continued support and upgrades by the AMIS team. #### 1.2 Target Audience AMIS Pro is intended for use by **AM engineers**, (AM) **production managers** and/or **dedicated machine (printer) operators**. It is advised that other people involved in the production chain (e.g. **design engineers**, **post-process** operators and managers, **administrators**) get acquainted with the (features of) AMIS Pro, in order to improve internal communication and cooperation between departments. #### 1.3 Key Features Overview AMIS Pro is intended for off-cloud use on Mac (MacOS) and Microsoft (Windows) systems. AMIS Pro is specifically aimed at binder jetting technologies; key features included in the AMIS Pro Public Beta are: * Import parts in .stl and .3mf file formats * Part and batch visualisation * Full interactive control of parts * Part selection and duplication/multiplication of parts * Part scaling and rotation in 3 dimensions * Save batches as 3mf files with fully positioned parts * bounding box nesting - Part, [[Batch]] and Printer management - 3D Asset overview - Part slicing - Slice output optimized for Meteor Inkjet Printhead Electronics (adaptable)