Hey there! I figured you’d like to get a sense of my story. So, here’s a list of milestones that I’m personally most proud of. **2012 [Freakonomics Experiments](https://freakonomics.com)** - As senior engineering consultant, I designed, built and shipped the infrastructure for this truly randomized, multi-step, multi-month, multi-channel, large-scale field experiment for Prof. Steve Levitt of Freakonomics and the University of Chicago - At an 85% retention-rate, 20,000 research subjects completed the experiment over the course of 9 months. Prof. Steve Levitt’s published “Heads or Tails: The Impact of a Coin Toss on Major Life Decisions and Subsequent Happiness” in 2020 **2013 [OneMonth Inc.](https://onemonth.com)** - As the technical co-founder, I designed and wrote a best-selling “programming for non-programmers” video course which Mattan, Chris and I recorded and launched in early 2013. - In the first month alone, the course generated $70.000 in sales at little to no cost. Consequently, we were accepted to and attended Y Combinator Summer School 2013 in Mountain View, California. OneMonth subsequently raised $2.5M, and has been profitable since 2016 **2014 Venture Assembly – Private Data-Sharing for VCs and CEOs** - As technical co-founder, I designed, built, shipped and scaled a “private data-sharing network for ‘impossible-to-get’ business metrics” for VCs and their portfolio founders. - Privately tracking $2.9B in investment assets, Venture Assembly has been part of the onboarding process at 42 of the most renowned venture capital firms in the US and Israel. With an retention-rate of 75% over 5 years, it has supported 359 portfolio founders make much-much-better-informed decision in their marketing, sales and hiring processes. **2015 – 2016 [Pivotal Labs, New York City](https://tanzu.vmware.com/labs)** - As senior technology consultant I coached 11 client teams to ship better products faster. The training consisted of learning lean product and agile software development practices such as: How to (repeatably) run experiments to find, understand and serve their best customers as well as embracing practices like pair-programming, functional and reactive expressions, test-driven development, clean code, CI, CD, etc. - During our 3 month training, one client team shipped a simple process to PROACTIVELY reach out to their customers LONG BEFORE ‘the red light’ would turn on, preempting thousands of supply-chain failures and averting losses in the millions. This was based on live data of 250,000 trucks, an on-prem data-lake, a bit of machine learning and a laser-focused product development team. **2017 – 2018 [[⭐️ How To Make Better and Faster Investment-Decisions With Lean Experiments|Building a No-Code 40X Asset]]** - As a “student of markets”, I repeated the scientific method to test products without prior domain-knowledge or code. Within 3 months of my spare time, I used this process to conduct 52 experiments across 12 ventures in parallel that in total cost $1,545 to run. - One of the twelve ventures succeeded and resulting in $58,812 revenue (40x ROI) and 876 opted-in and responsive email contacts. To support parallelization of ventures, I built an effective experiment tracking board **2019 – 2021 300 In-Depth Interviews Challenge** - As a senior research consultant – and after several failed “sure-shot” marketing projects – I decided to stop hiding behind quantitative research, get back to the absolute basics and explore the “final frontier” of what no one really wants to do: Actually listen and become an advocate for your customers - On behalf of two health-care market-research agencies and by spending my own money on face-time, I interviewed 300 HCPs in the US and Germany. I then analysed these 1-hour, in-depth conversations by focusing on their stories, needs and ideas to uncover deeper truths about the market as a whole. **2021 – 2022 Personal Design Projects** - As “student of markets”, I’ve observed my own recurring pain-points and repeatedly shipped a series of personal open-source “micro-products” to make life a little easier. - In the last year, there have been 170,000+ downloads of my releases on Github. This includes: Several plugins for the Obsidian personal knowledge management system, [Algorand Ballet](https://alexisrondeau.me/algorand-ballet/) – a qualitative analysis suite for blockchains, [QuickDown](https://getquickdown.com/) – a better inbox for your ideas and [Unblah](https://unblah.me/) – making public speaking easier for neurodiverse people ### Some honorable mentions - **2005** – Started Semapedia (NFC Tags and QR-Codes with Wikipedia) - **2007 – 2009** Organized 5 BarCamp-style developer-community events in NYC, LA and SF There are also [[My “Biggest Misses”]] and [[My “Best Shots”]] (in case you’re curious.)