Hey there! I figured you’d like to get a sense of my story. So, here’s a list of milestones that I’m personally most proud of. **2012 [Freakonomics Experiments](https://freakonomics.com)** - As senior engineering consultant, I designed, built and shipped the infrastructure for this truly randomized, multi-step, multi-month, multi-channel, large-scale field experiment for Prof. Steve Levitt of Freakonomics and the University of Chicago - At an 85% retention-rate, 20,000 research subjects completed the experiment over the course of 9 months. Prof. Steve Levitt’s published [“Heads or Tails: The Impact of a Coin Toss on Major Life Decisions and Subsequent Happiness”](https://academic.oup.com/restud/advance-article/doi/10.1093/restud/rdaa016/5834495) in 2020. **2013 [OneMonth Inc.](https://onemonth.com)** - As the technical co-founder, I designed and wrote a best-selling “programming for non-programmers” video course which Mattan, Chris and I recorded and launched in early 2013. - In the first month alone, the course generated $70.000 in sales at little to no cost. Consequently, we were accepted to and attended Y Combinator Summer School 2013 in Mountain View, California. OneMonth subsequently raised $2.5M, and has been profitable since 2016 **2014 Venture Assembly – Private Data-Sharing for VCs and CEOs** - As technical co-founder, I designed, built, shipped and scaled a “private data-sharing network for ‘impossible-to-get’ business metrics” for VCs and their portfolio founders. - Privately tracking $2.9B in investment assets, Venture Assembly has been part of the onboarding process at 42 of the most renowned venture capital firms in the US and Israel. With an retention-rate of 75% over 5 years, it has supported 359 portfolio founders make much-much-better-informed decision in their marketing, sales and hiring processes. **2015 – 2016 [Pivotal Labs, New York City](https://tanzu.vmware.com/labs)** - As senior technology consultant I coached 11 client teams to ship better products faster. The training consisted of learning lean product and agile software development practices such as: How to (repeatably) run experiments to find, understand and serve their best customers as well as embracing practices like pair-programming, functional and reactive expressions, test-driven development, clean code, CI, CD, etc. - During our 3 month training, one client team shipped a simple process to PROACTIVELY reach out to their customers LONG BEFORE ‘the red light’ would turn on, preempting thousands of supply-chain failures and averting losses in the millions. This was based on live data of 250,000 trucks, an on-prem data-lake, a bit of machine learning and a laser-focused product development team. **2017 – 2018 [[⭐️ How To Make Better and Faster Investment-Decisions With Lean Experiments|Building a No-Code 40X Asset]]** - As a “student of markets”, I repeated the scientific method to test products without prior domain-knowledge or code. Within 3 months of my spare time, I used this process to conduct 52 experiments across 12 ventures in parallel that in total cost $1,545 to run. - One of the twelve ventures succeeded and resulting in $58,812 revenue (40x ROI) and 876 opted-in and responsive email contacts. To support parallelization of ventures, I built an effective experiment tracking board **2019 – 2021 [[300 In-Depth Interviews Challenge]]** - As senior consultant, I decided to get back to the absolute basics of marketing: To actually listen and become an advocate for your customers. - [[300 In-Depth Interviews Challenge|I interviewed 300 HCPs in the US and Germany]], on behalf of two health-care market-research agencies and by spending my own money on face-time. - I then [[⭐️ DeepDive|analysed]] these 1-hour, in-depth conversations to develop deeper truths about the individuals, the patients and health-care industry as a whole. - First, the interviews and analysis helped uncover HCP’s most pressing fears, their most specific frustrations and their most desired wishes. - This in turn allowed my teams to devise profitable product and services that doctors were eager to pay for, even on the spot, during follow-ups. - Secondly, I discovered and stopped a large-scale “sockpuppet” fraud network that had almost succeeded to sell hundreds of fake doctor profiles to one of my clients. This saved my client the embarassment and irrecoverable loss of about a million dollar. **2021 – 2022 Post-Pandemic Self-Care Sabbathical** - To stress-test power of in-depth interviews, I took time off to [observe](http://www.secretsofstory.com/2012/11/storytellers-rulebook-164-ideas-are.html) recurring pain-points in my communities - Based on my observations, I then repeatedly shipped a series of open-source “micro-products” to make everyone’s life a little easier. - In the last year alone, there have been 172,878 downloads of my releases on Github. This includes: - [Several](https://github.com/akaalias/obsidian-journey-plugin) [plugins](https://github.com/akaalias/obsidian-footnotes) [for](https://github.com/akaalias/obsidian-extract-pdf-highlights) [the](https://github.com/akaalias/obsidian-extract-pdf) [Obsidian](https://github.com/akaalias/plotto-for-obsidian) personal knowledge management system, - [Streamline](https://getstreamline.app/)– A stream-of-consciousness writer - [Pudding](https://getpudding.app/) – OSINT analysis and reconnaissance in decentralized finance ecosystems - [Ballet](https://alexisrondeau.me/algorand-ballet/) – OSINT Background-Checks for Wallets and Assets - [QuickDown](https://getquickdown.com/) – a better inbox for your ideas - and [Unblah](https://unblah.me/) – making public speaking easier for neurodiverse people like myself. Yup, and that brings us to today! Thank you for reading and I hope you found something interesting. [[NEW – Open Office Hours Available!|Let me know!]] Alexis #### PS: Some honorable mentions from way back - **2005** – Started Semapedia (NFC Tags and QR-Codes with Wikipedia) - **2007 – 2009** Organized 5 BarCamp-style developer-community events in NYC, LA and SF There are also [[My “Biggest Misses”]] and [[My “Best Shots”]] (in case you’re curious.)