A digital garden where I tend to small [[Atomic notes | notes]] of things that matter to me. Tending to this digital garden means I... 1. **🌱 Plant seeds**: By hunting down interesting ideas and taking notes that I've written myself. One seed is one idea. => [[Digital Garden Seeds]] 2. **🌳 Grow trees**: By refining notes and connecting them with others. =>[[Digital Garden Trees]] 3. **🍇 Reap the fruits**: By composing novel ideas through [[Creative Remixing]] of seeds and trees => [[Digital Garden Fruits]] I also call this the [[Collect, Connect, Create Process]]. Some may call this type of place a [[Zettelkasten Method | Zettelkasten]] or [[A Long-Term Ecosystem For Ideas]]. ## Think "And" not "Or" Just like an [[AND Person]], a digital garden, too, can be many things at the same time: - A personal repository of notes (In that I write the notes mostly for myself) - A personal website (In that what you're reading is truly what's on my mind) - A blog (In that there is an updated list of cool things on the homepage) - A wiki (In that there are a lot of interlinks between notes) ## Watch the garden explode ![[2020.png]] [Watch my digital garden explode before your eyes (YouTube)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr7842cbgr8) ## Related - [[Brian Eno's Scenius]] #creativity #ecosystem #livinginformation #mentalhygiene #mentalhealth