Tags: : #🗺️ Links:: [[🏠 My Home]] # Lifestyle Design Lifestyle design is the art of creating and adapting your life to resonate with you. **This involves finding your values, interests, and role models.** Why should we practice lifestyle design? - [[Joy is the long term activity of aligning values with action]] - [[Loneliness isn't cured by contact with others but by knowing thyself]] - It helps you with [[Decision Making MOC]] because your values can serve as a foundation for what you say no and yes to - It allows us to live authentically. [[The realized person learns to distance themselves from biological and social controls]]. - It allows us to experience [[The fresh start effect]] more often How do you learn about yourself? - Practicing [[Mindfulness]] through meditative and contemplative practices. - [[Life experimentation]] is the act of applying the scientific method to your life to practice [[Lifestyle Design MOC]]. It works through creating hypothesis of what activities or people might align with your values and experimenting with doing those things or interacting with those people to see if you want to implement it into your life. - [[Journaling]] to find how activities, events, and people make you feel and think. - [[🪞Who Am I]] - [[Odyssey Plan]] - [[Personal Socrates]] - Analyzing your life through deaths compass (see: [[How to Think Like a Roman Emperor (Donald Robertson)#Contemplating Death]]). - Look at what your doing right now and assess what is [[The skip test|skippable]]. This represents your current level of lifestyle design. The lower the percentage the better - Look at different [[Philosophy MOC|philosophies]] or [[Religion MOC|religions]] and finding things that resonate with you - Analyze [[Your second brain is an externalization of your psychology]]. Create a [[Lindy Effect Content List]]. It helps you realize what speaks to you. - Finding and crafting stories. [[Finding and crafting stories creates meaning out of your life]]. [[Odyssey Plan]] - Learning about others can help us learn more about ourselves. - Reading fiction. Knowing ourselves we can create can begin to create a day, week, month, quarters, and years that align with your values, interests, and role models. To do this you must: 1. Define a direction to pursue, once again using the self-introspection methods mentioned beforehand. 2. Define goals, routines, rituals, and habits that can help you pursue that direction. [[Gamification MOC|Gamify them to make them more engaging]]. 3. Plan how you will actionalize those things in your life through time blocking, project management, task lists, etc. 4. Create an ideal week, ideal month, and ideal quarter and try and get yourself as close to possible to that vision. If your a business owner, don't allow your business to take over your life. Refer to [[Prison or Castle How To Build A Business Around Your Ideal Life]]. How do we know when to do certain things once we understand ourselves more? - [[The pyramid of prioritizing when to do things in life according to Die With Zero]] Why do I do regular reviews? - We are self deceptive. Seeing how we really experienced something can stop us from self deception. - We don’t have to stick to reflecting during the reviews. We are always reflecting. - They provide a diary of your life. You can see what you were doing during a certain month or year or day. - They allow us to identify patterns in our lives we might not see on a day to day. - Setting the time aside to reflect can get us to see things we might not on the day to day. Caveats of Lifestyle Design: - Sometimes the problem in our lives is not what we are doing but the meaning we create out of those things. [[The Stoics saw wisdom as separating meaning from event.]]. [[Your judgements of events hurt you, not the events themselves]]. How Do You Reflect And Iterate Over Time? - Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews. - Predict how you will find a day looking at it the night before using [[Expected valuing]] and then iterate each day based on how you found it ### Related Content - [[How I Gamified My Life To Enjoy Learning and Studying Part 1]] - [[How I Gamified My Life To Enjoy Learning and Studying Part 2]] - [[How I Gamified My Life To Enjoy Learning and Studying Part 3]] - [[Aidan's Infinite Play 7 Lifestyle Design]] - [[Aidan's Infinite Play 30 The Victorious Mind The Ultimate Guide to Calm Your Mind and Memorize Anything with Ease]] - [[Aidan's Infinite Play 3 I Did a Values Exercise]] - [[Creating My Best Average Day With Obsidian Periodic Notes]] - [[Spaces/🪐Content Creation/📸YouTube Videos/I Did 54 Weekly Reviews Here’s What I Learned|I Did 54 Weekly Reviews Here’s What I Learned]] ### Resources To Learn More About Yourself - [[Personal Socrates]] - [[The Victorious Mind]] - [[The Daily Stoic]] ## Related MOCs ```dataview list from #🗺️ and [[]] and !outgoing([[]]) sort file.mtime desc ``` ## Related Concepts ```dataview table Status from [[]] and !outgoing([[]]) and !#🗺️ sort file.mtime desc ```