# 👋Hi, I'm Aidan Helfant 🥜 ![[Senior portrait Aidan Helfant 1.jpg]] This is my digital garden, a website containing the notes in my Obsidian vault. It contains all of the topics I'm interested in, like my [[PKM MOC|PKM MOC]], [[Happiness MOC]], [[Lifestyle Design MOC]], [[Flow State MOC]], [[Gamification MOC]], [[Spirituality MOC]], [[Relationships MOC]] and so much more that changes all the time. Digital gardens are websites organized by Wikipedia inspired bidirectional links instead of by time. This means there are no rigid structures, you have to explore notes by hopping between links, [[MOC]]s, and my limited folder system using your curiosity as a guiding post. Cool I know! Keep in mind, these notes are meant to help me think. This means you will stumble across notes that are unfinished, unprocessed, or downright wrong. This is the beauty of [[Public learning]]. You can tell roughly how finished a note is by using my [[Tag Taxonomy]]. If you're here for the first time, I suggest you check out my highest order note, my [[🏠 My Home]] note and follow your curiosities! You can also get a high order view of my interests, content that has shaped me, my values, and more by checking out my [[🪞Who Am I]] note. You will notice as you explore my system, I love peanut butter lol 🥜. ### Check Out My More Finished Content In addition to my working notes, I [write](https://www.aidanhelfant.com/)more evergreen longer form content on my blog, post on my [YouTube Channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQf8aHkL2FsHeTKkklmq4A), write an email newsletter called [Aidan's Infinite Play](https://www.aidanhelfant.com/newsletter/) and host a podcast called [Personal Knowledge Management with Aidan Helfant](https://www.buzzsprout.com/2031091).