%% Title: Analog: The Simplest Productivity System Created: 2023-09-01 13:20 Status: Parent: [[Resources/PKM|PKM]] Tags: Source: %% # Analog: The Simplest Productivity System The [Analog](https://ugmonk.com/blogs/journal/analog-the-simplest-productivity-system) TODO “system” is basically a set of (expensive) index cards pre-printed with a checklist of items. There are essentially three cards in the “base” system: today, next, and someday. [![[assets/images/AnalogTheSimplestProductivitySystemCards.png]]](https://ugmonk.com/blogs/journal/analog-the-simplest-productivity-system) You should start with a new today card every day. I write down my intents. Typically, I start by putting a larger project context as a task item: close X bug, write X thing. Then I can break that down into smaller subtasks to have concrete, achievable intermediate steps. I use the next card a list of projects and small things that I should consider doing after my current project is done. If today’s intent is to close a certain bug at work and write a blog post, then the next card should contain other bugs that I should be working on next or other article ideas up next. The someday card acknowledges things that I will want to do “at some point” with no concrete deadline. I mostly put things here to get them out of my head so I can focus on something else later on. This will usually go into a TODO queue in my second brain. You can use the dot markers at the top right to categorize cards or rate your productivity for the day. In practice, I don’t use them. I find the time-saving feature of having stuff already on the card is worth the extra cost, which ends up being fairly marginal in the grand scheme of things. It makes it so I don’t have to think about it, which is handy. The index cards are easy to carry around - I tuck a set of one of each in the cover of my pocket notebook, replacing them as needed. They’re easy to tuck under the elastic band around the notebook so I have it in sight as I’m working. ![[assets/images/Traveller front view.jpg|400]] I have the stand too (and 3D printed another one to keep at work) but I don’t end up using them nearly as often as the notebook cover trick.