%% Title: Survival Kit Created: 2022-09-11 16:43 Status: Parent: [[Resources/Adventure/Gear]] Tags: Source: %% # Survival Kit I keep a survival kit prepared in a Fjällräven gear bag. The purpose of my survival kit is to supply items I might need if something goes wrong with my main gear (e.g. it gets lost or broken), so I have alternate firestarting materials, water filtration, etc. I also have a [pocket survival kit](https://www.bestglide.com/products/military-pocket-survival-tin) that I can keep with my [[Resources/Adventure/Gear/LinesOfGear|first-line gear]]. - Fjällräven gear bag - Survival blanket - UCO sweetfire tinder - Opinel Nº 8 carbon-steel blade - Short firesteel and striker - Cammenga tritium lensatic compass (I usually use a Suunto MC-2) - Emergency sleeping bag - Bic lighter - #36 bank line - Petzl headlamp - Sawyer mini, irrigation syringe, straw, and 16 oz bag (and usually iodine tablets) ![[assets/images/survival_kit.jpg]] ![[assets/images/saw_knife_possibles_survival_canteen.jpg]]