%% Title: Day Hike Loadout Created: 2023-10-02 18:59 Status: Parent: [[Resources/Adventure/Gear|Gear]] Tags: Source: %% # Day Hike Loadout - [[Resources/Readiness/GeneralOutdoorsMedkit|GeneralOutdoorsMedkit]] - Insulation and windbreaker - it’s worth having it around - Military poncho - [[Resources/Adventure/Gear/SurvivalKit|SurvivalKit]] - At least one, but typically two, [[Resources/Adventure/Gear/Canteens|Canteens]] - A few snacks - Map and protractor: you don’t want to rely on your phone, so having a map and a protractor to navigate with (even if the map is just the pamphlet kind they offer at park entrances). - Some kind of notebook and pen, preferably water resistant (e.g. Rite in the Rain or a field notes expedition notebook with an appropriate pen/pencil).