%% Title: Backpacking Loadout Created: 2023-10-02 19:02 Status: Parent: [[Resources/Adventure/Gear|Gear]] Tags: Source: %% # Backpacking Loadout - [[Resources/Adventure/Gear/DayHikeLoadout|DayHikeLoadout]] - Camp stove, depending on where I’m going to be - [Firebox stove](https://fireboxstove.com/product/5-inch-folding-firebox/) - usually also with a Trangia stove - A Jetboil if I’m going to be mostly eating backpacker meals - A small camp stove - right now a Snow Peak - Extra fuel for whichever stove I have - A [[Resources/Adventure/Gear/Bivyroll|Bivyroll]] or other sleep and shelter system - Food for however long I expect to be out, with some extra in case of an emergency. In addition to the backpack, I often have a spare bag, like a [[Resources/Adventure/Gear/Haversacks|Haversack]] or a [[Resources/Adventure/Gear/Canteens#Helikon-Tex Kitbag|Canteen kit bag]], for things I want ready access to. The spare bag is also useful when going to do chores around your campsite, such as getting water.