%% Title: Root MoC Created: 2022-03-11 20:58 Status: Parent: Tags: #MOC Source: %% # Root This page is the anchor of my second brain / digital garden (AI6UA is my [[Resources/Radio/Amateur|amateur]] radio callsign). For a long time, it's existed as a repository of "facts I know that I should be easily able to recall" - think things like technical notes for how to set up a database, etc. I'm slowly working on adding more to this, more long-form (c.f. [[Resources/PKM/Zettelkasten|Zettelkasten]] or [[Resources/Career/Articles/CodingAndConfusion|Coding and Confusion]]). For example, I've been trying to assemble my contingency [[Resources/Readiness|readiness]] notes as more long-form type pages. This started off as a collection of plaintext files, disorganized; then moved to org-mode, then Evernote, then Notion, then Dendron, and now Obsidian. The hunt continues for The Perfect Note System™. See [[Resources/PKM/Software|PKM software]] for more. Most of the notes here are older than their created date, I just inserted a template where they were missing metadata. Some of the pages are also missing as I move things around and reconstruct a lot of notes that were lost to [[Resources/PKM/Software/CFofTF|other]] [[Resources/PKM/Software/Evernote|note-taking]] [[Resources/PKM/Software/Notion|systems]]. Some notes / links are prefixed with a timestamp. These are [[Resources/PKM/Zettelkasten|Zettelkasten]] notes, which is a particular kind of note taking that I am trying out. Generally, they record specific thoughts, which can then be linked under [[Resources]] (or other sections). I've been working to rearrange this according to [[202203101228 BASB PARA framework]] (e.g. [[Projects]], [[Areas]], [[Resources]], [[Archive]]), so the structure is volatile. Links shouldn't be considered stable, and you should try to copy over whatever you find useful to your own second brain, or remember some keywords that you can use to find it again later.